About us

My passion is to celebrate the unique setting of each space by blending the jarring elements of nature and architecture through creative design.

getting to know Di

For the past 18 years Di has lived at Little Fields with her husband Philip, in the Natal Midlands. Her garden here knows no bounds. The 12 hectares of wetlands and grassy fields are gently landscaped to incorporate secluded thickets and sweeps of maroon grasses to contrast with the grey  corn colours of other established areas.


Inspired by the timeless gardens found in the Cotswolds, Hidcote and other famous gardens, Di has soaked up the lessons of past master landscapers and incorporated elements of structure and surprise to create rooms within the gardens she designs.

Little Fields Landscaping

the team

Philip has spent 25 years sugar farming and the last 20 years as director of an agricultural seed co. As a result he has been involved with construction (NHBRC) irrigation, dam building and water conservation for many years.  He advises on all irrigation, drainage and hard landscaping projects

Thobelani heads up the landscaping installation team.  He ensures that what is done below ground level sets up every plant for success. He also heads up the propagation of plants for our Nursery.