little fields landscaping

Celebrating the unique setting of each space through creative design

We were created to live in harmony with our surroundings.

And when our homes, workplaces and lives find this balance, it brings a deep sense of peace. 

small spaces

Understanding the personality of each of my clients is core to creating balance in their unique setting. Some personalities delight in the wildness of nature, while others prefer a more formal well-laid out plan – which often suits a smaller space.

large spaces

Understanding the environment around the property helps me choose what plant palette will work best with the garden design. One of my favourite parts of the design process is the on-site prior planning discussions, which set the scene for the creative process to begin.

natural spaces

Inspired by the ‘New Naturalist’ landscapers I seek to create gardens that minimise the need for labour and water; creating gardens that when left alone grow beautifully and get better with age.

Little Fields Landscaping
Little Fields Landscaping

food spaces

Gardens should celebrate the changing seasons.   Seed heads are left to cast their spikey silhouette, reducing the desire to control nature; using plants that naturally thrive in the area; inviting birds, bees and butterflies to feast and linger a while…

constructed spaces

I love to breathe new life into  tatty, neglected old gardens. Honouring the sites history and its sense of place. Looking to find the hidden treasures within and  then create new functional spaces around them.

About Di

I believe all gardens need both structure and freedom in varying degrees.

My gardening journey began in rural Zululand. With my young family we would disappear into the natural bush.

A deep love for our indigenous plants and birds naturally progressed into an indigenous nursery and my adventure into landscaping was born. 

Di planned, landscaped, and planted a wild garden at a Berg Cottage in Monk’s Cowl.  I was hugely impressed by her sense of space and place, and by her vision for the end result which has proven to be both practical and beautiful.



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